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Welcome to Ennis Engineering 

At Ennis Engineering we have been catering to the specific needs of the Irish baker for more than a quarter of a century. We offer a unique mix of equipment sales, design and turn-key manufacturing services

As Irish palates have become more increasingly sophisticated, Irish bakers have diversified into a wide and cosmopolitan range of breads and confectioneries. At Ennis Engineering we help you to keep pace with market changes, by importing, designing and manufacturing ever more advanced bakery equipment. We carry the widest possible range in order to supply the selection and service you demand.

We don't just manufacture and sell high quality equipment, we provide a comprehensive production facility and back up service ranging from full bakery design and planning to plant installation and the most expert and dependable after-sales support in the business today.

We guarantee you the complete commitment of everyone at Ennis Engineering to providing you with everything the modern, successful baker needs.



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Ennis Engineering Ltd.
270 Holly Road
Western Industrial Estate
Dublin 12.
Tel: 01 450 6332
Fax: 01 450 6656
Email: info@ennisengineering.com
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